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Numerous books by
Zecharia Sitchin

The '12th Planet' is his most famous but all are excellent. the new releases are easier to read as all the reference material seems to have been placed at the back instead of all through his books, which use to slow the reader down. If you want explanations of where humankind has come from, why so many of our global myths are so similar and where the original Bible documents were plagiarized from, read his material.
* * * *

'Bringers of the Dawn'

by Barbara Marciniak

One Christmas, someone gave me this book, and on Boxing Day, 3 of us sat around the log fire, with the rain beating against the window, and between cold turkey, mince pies and cups of tea, we read a chapter each, aloud, and then discussed what we had just read, and it was the most wonderful day.
I had never heard the expression 'Light Worker' before, and although I hear mixed things about Barbara Marciniak these days, her book was another eye opener and life changer.

* * * *

'Gods of the Dawn'
by Peter Lemesurier
* * *

'The Gnostic Novels'

by Elaine Paganels

BRILLIANT if a little studious to read. If you have ever wondered about what was edited out of the Bible, then you must read this book. The Bible, it seems, is FAR from gospel and is massively edited and manipulated to say what the Roman Church wanted and needed it to say, to gain control over the growing masses some 1,800 years ago. Here, many of the edited documents which were found in 1947, are explained, and how the hidden documents and gospels cast a slightly ( in fact - HUGELY ) different light on what has remained in the Bible and how you will view them from now on.
* * * * *

'The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls'

by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas

Fascinating - and fast becoming widely spoken about as more crystal skulls are found and so the mystery deepened. Where are they from, How were they made and who made them, and why. There are thousands of modern 'fakes' but only 13 ancient skulls that baffle scientists around the world and baffle anyone who feels the presence they hold.
* * * * *

'The Mayan Prophecies'

by Adrian Gilbert

Fascinating insights into these enigmatic and much misunderstood people. Destroyed, primarily, by Spain and the church, their culture and lifestyle was years ahead of anyone else around at the time and their technology was as advanced as anything we have seen thousands of years later.
* * * *

'The Star Mirror'
by Mark Vidler
Very interesting read.
* * *

'The Power of Plato'
by Stephen Hill
* * * *

'Celtic Feng Shui'
by Christine McAnaney
* * * * *

'Is Marijuana The Right Medicine For You ?'

by Bill Zimmerman
* * *
Much of what is generally thought of as fact - is pure bullshit, and the way the governments and media portray marijuana and the dangers involved are just SO over the top, and when you consider how many die from drink and cigarettes every year and how NO-ONE dies from smoking pot, and there are HUGE benefits to health from ingesting / smoking this enigmatic plant, it's about time TRUTHFUL EDUCATION was given to our children and to the masses so we can make an educated decision for ourselves and not be told by the Nanny State and the church, who also have vested interests in keeping all drugs illegal, what we should or should not be doing. If they can feed cows with human excrement and then we eat the beef and drink the milk, isn't this hypocrisy just a little obvious. It's about money - nothing else - money - oh and control of the human psyche.

'The Way of the Essenes

Christ's Hidden Life Remembered.'
by Anne & Daniel Meurois-Givaudan
Channeled material that - somehow - didn't quite ring true.
* *

'The Perfect Heresy'

The Life and Death of the Cathars
by Stephen O'Shea
Harrowing truths about how the Roman Church hounded, persecuted and mass murdered a whole race of people with torturous deaths because they wouldn't convert to the Church of Rome, and who followed their own true Jewish religion as preached by Jesus;- and before you say it - Jesus was not a Christian, Jesus taught true Judaism. It has also been mooted around that the Cathars, like the Knights Templar's, actually spat on Jesus as they did not believe he was the Savior, but that he stole the congregation and insights from John the Baptist. Well worth a read.
* * *

'The Mystery of Atlantis'

by Charles Berlitz

It is obvious from all the material and evidence available, that Atlantis did exist and was in the Atlantic Ocean. There is simply too much evidence to dispute it. This easy to read book enlightens.
* * * *

'The Atlantis Enigma'
by Herbie Brennan
* * * *

 euphemisms for the word "prostitute":

"If prostitutes are members of the world's oldest profession, then devising alternative names for them is one of the oldest forms of euphemizing. Streetwalker - in use for more than four centuries - is among the most euphemistic. Christian essayist G. K. Chesterton once fretted that referring to women who sold their bodies as simply 'ones who walked the streets' condoned this contemptible occupation. Other euphemistic terms that might have concerned Chesterton include sporting lady, fancy lady, lady of the night, working girl, call girl, and party girl. Perhaps alluding to their status as members of the oldest profession, some prostitutes in his time called themselves professionals. When academy was a euphemism for 'brothel,' those who worked there were called academicians.

"Prostitute first appeared in the early seventeenth century as a euphemism for 'whore,' one that drew on the Latin verb prostituere, or "offer for sale." (A female character in Shakespeare's Pericles, Prince of Tyre, says 'prostitute me to the basest groom / That doth frequent your house.') Whore evolved from the Anglo-Saxon 'hore,' which some etymologists think may be a euphemism for a word never recorded. After 'whore' took on connotations, sixteenth- century translations of the Bible replaced that word with harlot. This term originally referred to a disreputable young man, then was applied to women. Over time, "harlot" itself became so contaminated that it could no longer appear in respectable publications.

"Another synonym for 'prostitute,' tart, has an interesting etymology. Originally that noun referred to a small pastry, as it still does today. Over time, 'tart' was used affectionately for a sweet young woman, then for women considered sexually alluring, After that, 'tart' became synonymous with a promiscuous woman. Finally, it referred to women who charged for sexual services, at best 'a tart with a heart,"

"During the American Civil War, camp followers, whose ranks included 'canteen girls,' and 'drink sellers,' offered soldiers their wares (themselves, mostly). Contrary to popular assumption, the term 'hooker' did not originate with camp followers of soldiers commanded by Union General Joseph 'Fighting Joe' Hooker. Although it's true that during General Hooker's era, Washington's many prostitutes were sometimes called 'Hooker's Division,' calling any such woman a hooker predates the Civil War by at least a couple of decades. According to lexicographer Stuart Berg Flexner, 'hooker' originally referred to prostitutes who worked in Coriear's Hook during the mid-nineteenth century, a section of New York also commonly known as 'the Hook.' They were hookers. Others believe that this appellation originated with the fact that prostitutes said they hooked customers. Their brothels were called hook shops.

"Determining what to call prostitutes has long vexed members of the media, When a play opened in New York in 1934 that included a character called 'The Young Whore,' one newspaper there changed her designation to 'A Young Girl Who has Gone Astray.' Three years later, when Bette Davis played a prostitute in Marked Woman, her character was called a nightclub hostess. In From Here to Eternity (1953), the prostitute played by Donna Reed (yes, that Donna Reed) was referred to as simply a hostess, In the euphemism business, vagueness reigns.

"At one time, model could be a euphemism for 'prostitute.' ('Model for hire.') Today, to the dismay of legitimate masseuses, their job title often doubles as such a euphemism. More often, contemporary call girls call themselves escorts, a term Amy Fisher - who once worked for an escort service - called 'prostitution lite.' In the Philippines, Guest Relation Officer, or GRO, is a euphemism for 'prostitute.' Teenage girls in Hong Kong, who go on paid 'dates' with older men that may involve sex, call this compensated dating.

"One of the most forlorn euphemisms for compensated sex that I've ever seen was in a news article about South Asian women who'd been laid off from factory jobs. Asked what she and her colleagues were doing now, one said that a young coworker was engaged in 'making men happy.' "

Author: Ralph Keyes
Title: Euphemania: Our Love Affair with Euphemisms
Publisher: Little, Brown
Date: Copyright 2010 by Ralph Keyes
Pages: 67-69


Numerous books and workshops on:

The Sumerians & the dawning of mankind.
5th Dimensions
Galaxial Alignment
Knowing The Inner Self
The Koran
The Talmud
The Bible
The Dead Sea Scrolls
Alien Abductions
Dimensional Beings
Lightbody Work
Freud and Jung
Dream Psychology
Pleiadian Workbooks
Feng Shui & Geopathetic Energies

All the books by
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa
* * *

The books by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa were introduced to me by an elderly lady in Guernsey when I was 17, and Elsa Cooper never really knew quite how she changed my direction the day she handed me' The Third Eye.' I devoured it instantly and swallowed up all the other books in the series. Elsa died aged 85 a few years later and I wish with all my heart I could know her now. I would dearly love to thank her - and to share with her. She was an enlightened woman, while I was still - at 17 - finding my path, and the turning point came the day she handed me this book. She was the first of many guides who have come and gone throughout my life so far, and I hold her memory dear in my heart.
God bless you Elsa.

These are just some of the books I have read in the last 10 years -
except for Tuesday Lobsang Rampa's books which I devoured when I was 17. I believe that my Angels, or Higher Being, or God, will guide me any way I so desire and will assist in every way possible, but I have to ask... I have to know what to ask... and only through study and workshops and reading and searching... do we know what questions to ask

Never stop searching for your truths
Never stop asking questions

If you have read a book that should go on this list and has moved you dearly
let us all know about it.







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