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Russel Brand on gay marriage:- ' Everyone should be allowed the misery of marriage.'


I get tons of phone calls from companies trying to change my electric / gas / phone suppliers to someone they are representing and today - as usual, I got a ' cold call' trying to sell em somethiong new.  This was something I have never had before and I was absolutely gob smacked...PRE PAID FUNERALS
I must admit I did shout at the woman on the phone as I found this absurd, and could cause extreme pain and anguish in some people and I fully intend to complain.
PRE PAID FUNERALS INDEED.  Maybe a good ida but NOT one you sell over the damned phone.



Britains fattest man died this week weighing in at 65 stone.  He was housebound and could not do anything for himself. So Social Services had to bath and feed him.  So - tell me - why were Social Services allowing this man to eat 10,000 calories A DAY - when a family of 5 would easily survive on that much food.  If this man was begging for help, as claimed, to loose weight, then it seems the NHS and Social Services has contin ued to feed this man with enormous high calory meals and he has gained weight and not lost it and now is dead.
Absolute madness.



I did the usual thing this morning.  Got up for breakfast at around 7.30am so it would be ready in case anyone was down for the 8am start - ( we serve between 8 - 10am - although if someone came down later it's not a problem ) and as I have done before,  I forgot it was Sunday and we do brekkie from 9 - 11am and I could have had an extra hour in bed...  groan.....   So I took the dogs up the park ( my neighbours dog was having a ' sleep over' with us as Dad was busy last night with his girlfriend and didn't need the distraction of his dog - and as Schnorbitz ( the dog )  lives here half the time anyway and Missy is quite use to him - we enjoyed a peaceful 20 minutes in the long grass under the mighty oaks listening to how quiet it is on a Sunday morning before the church bells wake some people up.  Now it's time for a cuppa green tea and some Marmite toast...    



The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday upheld the use of a key drug used in Oklahoma's lethal injection protocol.

The lawsuit that prompted the decision was brought on by lead plaintiffRichard Glossip, an Oklahoma inmate who has been on death row for 17 years. Lawyers for the plaintiffs argued that midazolam, the first drug used in Oklahoma's three-part lethal injection protocol, can't reliably render an inmate unconscious and free of pain while the second and third drugs paralyze him and stop his heart, thus making the execution cruel and unusual punishment. Midazolam was first used in Oklahoma's botched execution of Clayton Lockett in 2014, and since then has been used in putting to death more than a dozen inmates.

So there you have it folks. the USA deliberately allows the use of drugs that prolong and cause distress and pain to the people they are executing and the first person who claims they probably deserve it - will get a smack.  Two wrongs do not make a right and how many innocent people have been executed or impr
isoned over the years - and being deliberately cruel is just as bad as some of the people they are executing - and what does that say about the United States - really - when they deliberately allow cruelty by officialdome against anyone.


CUSTOMER FROM HELL - with a happy ending

( No this is not him...)

I have to start by saying this is very unusual - very rare - and how every year we get one or two customers who we know we will never forget. Some because they look like Hugh Jackman or Brad Pitt and others because they are the 'CUSTOMER FROM HELL' - and this weekend we had one of the latter and this particular CUSTOMER FROM HELL was handsome - mid 40's and 'off the wall' with bad behaviour, arriving late into the evening ( like midnight ) banged on everyone's bedroom door at 1am looking for sex ( which I was completely unaware of until the morning ) and while he was in and out during the day - meal times it was like sharing the table with a pig at the trough - the noise, the table manners and the entire concept of what was acceptable and what was not,  seemed not to exist in his minds eye and he seemed completely unaware of his behaviour and how the entire hotel was looking and sharing a mutual thought that something was very - VERY wrong with this man. 

Everyone was sympathetic but tended to keep some distance and not get too involved in conversation and when on several occasions guests came and watched a movie with me in my private apartment above Hammy Hall - which I do a lot - he was not invited or wanted because we all knew he would be too disruptive and we would not be able to enjoy the movie, a decent conversation and discussion afterwards or anything - so he was left on his own - which was not for long as he brought a friend in for some sex and as no one else wanted to ' go there'  and we left him to his own devices.
Most of us assumed it was booze as he did drink a lot - and other than drugs or some other substance abuse - if this was not the case, then it was mental health - the lack of some medication or therapy and it screamed out for all to see .

When he checked out and left his bags for later collection after going to the beach for the day,  I made an extra charge for another night as while he was in a twin bedded room on his own and was asked NOT to make a mess of the other bed or he would be charged... this is exactly what happened and it took Robert  3 TIMES LONGER than normal to ' turn the room around' and get it ready for the next guests coming in as it was in complete turmoil,  and as Robert said - ' It looked as if a student had lived in that room for 6 month, not an adult for 4 nights.' and this  REALLY is not acceptable.

You may get away with this in a Premier Inn and they may or may not make an extra charge for the extra work ( bedding had to be double washed because of 'stains' that would not come out - )  and I made a charge against his card ( as in accordance with the Terms and Conditions )  and when informed of this - when he collected his bags to go home,  he lost the plot completely as the monies charged against his card was all he had and now would not be able to get home.

After a heated exchange where he took absolutely no responsibility for anything and kept throwing it back in my face - which is avoidance and denial - and after a long and stressful evening with him  eventually staying another night - AS MY GUEST - as he had no way of getting home ( the last train had - by now - gone )   and he had no money etc. I put him on a  train the next morning after cancelling the extra charge of £85 owed us - and gave him £75 on top of this in cash to pay for the train and buy a sandwich - and one of the other guests who was staying and saw a lot of what ' went down' gave  £20 to help towards the guys fare - (  it just goes to show that there are still some truly wonderfully kind and thoughtful people about )  and he has now gone.

But not before I took him into the office for a quiet chat and where I told him that instaed of banning him from Hamilton Hall, I was offering FREE WEEKENDS if and when he feels the need and want for some support, friendship and people who will help - in whatever way they can - as after 2 years homeless and trying to struggle back into ' the real world' - which we learned afterwards - it would not help him to push him away;-  and so I offered support, understanding, friendship and a place to come and stay AS LONG AS HIS BEHAVIOUR IMPROVED and he learned how there are those of us who will put themselves out FOR HIM and how it costs us financially, emotionally and sometimes physically - and accepting his role in that -  and taking responsibility for his actions - and growing through that to become responsible -  and appreciating that what went down last weekend WAS COMPLETELY OF HIS OWN MAKING AND NO ONE ELSE - then he is welcome as my guest and I truly wish him well.

After the abuse he shoved at Hamilton Hall - and it was considerable - to claim the hotel had to ' write it off' and that no Holiday Inn  would charge extra for trashing the room - I find unenlightened and insulting towards my venue and my passion to offer something of great beauty that is hughly appreciated and valued by a lot of people. Assuming that like some giant corporate - cold and  cheerlessl hotel chain - we would do nothing to recoup our losses - and where I still occasionally prostitute myself to raise the funds to help keep this place afloat - and therefore DO NOT INTEND allowing the very few to take advantage and abuse my generosity, and I will then make a stand and not allow bad behaviour and abuse.  I simply will not allow it.

Some of us get in our own way   ( metaphorically speaking )  I am aware that some people cannot stand me - my personality, my vibrancy and bounce and how I chatter away and do not stand fools lightly. They see me as ' over the top ' - too much - - and I can live with that as we all have our good and bad points and it serves no one for any of us to hide our light  so that others can shine - and it does not benefit me to be less than I am because someone else feels intimidated by me...  as that really is up to them to sort out and not pull me apart because of their own lack in life.  I get hate male from strangers - I get bitched by people I have never met and I get all sorts of nasty comments said about me by those who have never visited or even spoken to me,  and it seems by being a 'force of nature' - scares some people and they hit out.  This says a great deal more about them and their lack than they care to realise.

This man also gets in his own way and throws his abuse at the very people - and in this instance - US - who can and will offer help and support and like any addict,  they will abuse those who help and support so when the helpers turn away and say they cannot continue - this is then seen as being abandoned - how you have turned your back and want nothing more to do with them - and thiS is often then taken as an excuse for another drink - another snort - and is all a cycle of continuation and blame and excuse in order to continue with the booze, the drugs or whatever it is that is fucking up their lives.

Excuses do not work with me. Reality does.

So I now feel good in how it transpired and ended with a shared hug and him knowing that we are here for him and that he really does need to look at his behaviour and ' go within' and see the abuse he has  aimed at strangers as counter productive to himself and his onward journey and how, while I was annoyed at his constand abuse, denial of responsibility or anything close to a decent and educated manner towards me and my hotel - I will put myself out for him and offer the hand of friendship and support whereas many - MANY - woule turn away and ban him - wanting nothing more to do with the CUSTOMER FROM HELL and will mark it down to another bad experience to be avoided in future - but I see it a different way.

I see a human being in need of help. Screaming for help. Ranting for help. Pushing anyone and anything even vaguely constructive in helping him - away as fast as possible and creating the very chaos that reigns supreme in his daily life, and I hope that by reaching out and making the offers I have - it might stop the screaming and the ranting and encourage him to see a little more clearly that we are not against him - we care - and will support - emotionally and in this instance financially as well - and while I cannot contiue to pay out in this fashion especially as we do struggle financially,  I do feel I did the right thing and offered the hand of friendship - to a man living ' on the edge' and who may not survive for very long if everyone just pulls away all the time.

Sad story. Sweet man - hidden deep inside - and I hope we shall be able to see some improvement and a happier man return in the future.

The moral: Never turn your back - it could be you.


Dear John:  Read your blog about the Customer From Hell and did feel for you.  I appreciate all that you offer the gay community and how hard you work at trying to put some soul into things, and when I read this report it did sadden me.  I was amazed when I saw how you had reached out and offered for him to return for free in the future and to get some help and assistance from you to help him,  as I cannot think of a single venue what would not ban the man - throw  him out and not want to see the sight of him again. Yet here you are offering help and assistance as well as your own money - in order to help a man in distress.  Whatever else anyone can say, it does sound as if this man is in some kind of mental health space and in need of help and well done to you for not turning your back on someone in need. It does make me ' well up' when I read of your kindness towards others and it saddens me that it costs you so much - not just financial - but how it tears at your heart and your soul,  for after so many times at Hammy Hall, I know how much this takes it out of you and how you despair sometimes.

You will remember I broke my neck 2 years ago and visited also as your guest one time and if and when I am able to get back to work and get my life back in order,  I shall MOST CERTAINLY send some money towards helping with this.  It may be a while.. a long while, as I was a PT instructor within the armed forces and to be honest, after the asccident, it has scared me against ever returning to that career again after what happened to me.

Well done to you John. You are a very special man and I shall always respect you massively. If only the gay scene had more like you.
Robert N. ( Salisbury )

Hi John.   As for your Customer from hell,  we get more than our fare share of them at our guest house and while we are not a gay place,  being open to everyone,  most the complaints come from the gay men as they seem more picky and demanding than the straight couples who book with us.  It seems the gay market it the most difficult to please.  Give them Buckingham Palace and ask the  Queen to serve dinner and STILL some of the damned gay guys would find fault.  Women are a bit picky and straight men just love it all,  and stand behind their wives pulling faces when they moan about something.  Feel for you and the manner you took in helping this idiot is awesome., Bugger if I'd have offered him anything and would even have thrown him out and tough if you cannot get home. These assholes do have a mighty cheek sometimes and would never get away with this at any commercial corporate hotel and would be arrested for fraud.
I respect your kindness with an otherwise akward situation. Not sure I would have been so kind hearted.   Ron and Steve.



Homophobic married reverend

has a profile on Grindr


People like this deserve to be exposed - as what a first class bloody idiot

what a hypocrit, what an absolute asshole.


Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2015/05/20/homophobic-married-reverend-has-a-profile-on-grindr-5206191/#ixzz3bodiEKYb

A pastor who regularly ranted against homosexuals and all things rainbow has been caught cruising for bottoms on Grindr.

Reverend Matthew Makela, who is married and has five children, was caught looking for some oral, massage, making out naked, cuddling fun on the gay dating app.

Rev Makela, from Midland, Michigan, has now quit his associate pastor job at the St John’s Lutheran Church.

Reverend Matthew Makela was recently listed on the St. John's Lutheran Church website as a devoted husband and father of five children. But, he was forced to resign this week after Queerty.com published pics of his Grinder profile:

Until 2 p.m. on Monday, the ‘Our Church Staff’ section of St. John’s Lutheran Church and School’s website described Reverend Matthew Makela as an associate pastor who enjoys, “family, music, home improvement, gardening and landscaping, and sports.”

Screenshots obtained by Queerty from a source who asked that his name be withheld shed light on some of the Reverend’s other favorite past times — namely nude make out sessions and sex with other men.

And  the folks at Queerty.com note, the good pastor has publicly backed an anti-gay agenda on many occasions:

It is unrighteous to give into sinful temptations. We are all tempted and it is not a sin to be tempted, but it is a sin to give into to temptation. A sexual attraction to the same sex is a sinful temptation to be resisted and overcome by God’s grace and power, just as a temptation to steal or lie or overeat must be resisted and overcome by replacement with working hard, telling the truth and moderation in appetite. We all face varying degrees of temptation in sometimes varying areas of life and we all are tempted to sin according to 1 Corinthians 10:13.

Jesus reaffirmed one man one woman marriage in Matthew 19:4-6 where he quotes from Genesis 1:27 and 2:24. In Old and New Testaments homosexual practice is clearly condemned (Leviticus 18:22; Romans 1:21-32; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11; 1 Timothy 1:9-10). There is no sinful practice God cannot forgive and overcome by his grace through faith in Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Guess the temptation was just too much for Pastor Makela. Thanks to Queerty's exposure, the church has taken down their Facebook page to avoid comments from sinners.

Read more about the good Reverend's activities at Queerty.com.


JB Says: It just goes to show that many of the loudest, most vocal and most adamantly against many things in life, are often those who secretly adore the very thing they scream against and the story above is proof of this.  This hypocrit, this so called ' man of the cloth' - it seems is not holy cloth but cloth that changes its colour as to the whim of the man wearing it - for this man changed direction in accordance to when his dick is hard or not, and damning gays while cruising the internet looking for men for sex shows a man whose opinions are unvalid and should not be allowed a voice, an opinion and certainly NOT a pulpit in a church - as this man preaches hate from one side of his face and damning gays - while betraying the very words spoken by sucking cock the other side of his face and this kind of hypocricy must always be exposed and revealed to the world,-  and then maybe the masses will think twice before following anyone who damns   another for whatever reason as - in this case, it seems the very thing he was screaming and ranting about was the very thing that he desired himself - SEX WITH MEN.

It also confirms exactly what I have always said - homophobics are usually always homosexual themselves but living in denial.

The church in its homophobic rants for centuries has always been - and always will be - full of faggots as it is gay men who are more in tune with their inner feelings and have more empathy for others - and yet women and gay men have been banished from the church and preaching by boring - out-of-touch straight men afraid to loose their job and so damn and destroy the very best people available for this caring role.  That being women and gay men.







the dumbing down of people

When injustice becomes law,   defiance becomes duty.


Eighty-eight thousand deaths a year?
One in 10 people in America die from alcohol abuse each year.





US Secretary of State, John Kerry representing a country which makes Genghis Khan look like a wimp when it comes to illegal invasions, still retains the prize for jaw dropper of the decade:

"You just don't, in the 21st century, behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext", he pontificated on CBS' "Face the Nation." 

It really is enough to take your breath away,- the gall of this idiot.  Does he assume we are all idiots ?



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'We have all been in abusive relationships, and sometimes we were the one being abused.'

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